Client complaints about your firm

I recently stumbled upon a charged Twitter thread from a consumer of accounting services.

In it, there is a laundry list of complaints about the industry.  Among them:

  • Lack of eSignature
  • NOT taking work off the client’s plate (actually, giving them more)
  • Over-relying on taking direction from the client
  • Poor client engagement and customer service
  • Complaints about portals and the poor UX (user experience)

As you can see, this person (Mike) wasn’t happy and I’m sorry to say that I have had similar experiences with firms I’ve worked with as a client of theirs.


Couple questions that I’d like you to ponder.

#1 – Does your firm have any of these problems?  If so, what’s your plan to fix it?

#2 – Why are these complaints all too common in the accounting industry?

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#3 – Why are firms resistant to changing to fix these issues?


Plenty to think about.  Love to hear your thoughts.


PS. See the Twitter thread here (some strong language)

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