Getting frustrated with clients

Do you have any tech people in your life that like to use jargon?

Do those conversations ever leave you feeling confused or maybe a little dumb for not knowing all of it?

There’s plenty of tech people that are bad at this or almost wear it as some kind of weird badge of honor.  It’s not great and gives tech people (like me) a bad reputation.


Do you know where else I’ve experienced this same pattern before?

With my accountants.  I’ve found plenty of accountants exhibit similar behavior which I’ve always found bizarre.

I’ve had accountants get short with me when I ask questions, get frustrated if I don’t understand something technical they’re explaining right away, not respond to emails consistently and so much more.

These are customer service basics and if you can’t manage them well you probably shouldn’t be talking to clients.

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A key difference between tech people and accountants is that most tech people don’t interact with clients directly which means this problem is much bigger in the accounting world.


Is this happening at your firm?  How would you know if it was or was not?


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