The accountant from the future

We might know what it takes to be a good accountant today, but what skills will be needed tomorrow?

A recent survey of over 200 CFOs found that the vast majority of their teams need to evolve with the right skills for new roles in data and analytics.

The industry is trending towards further disruption due to technology and automation.


What does this mean for your firm?

It means that, at some point, you just might need to have professionals on your team that know more about technology and automation than they do about accounting (at least initially).

You’ll need to balance out the ratio of your firm by diversifying the mixture of CPAs with folks that have more tech experience.


How do you up-skill your existing team?

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You’ll need to invest in training your team for the coming digital revolution in your industry.  I’d recommend beginning with basic concepts in technology and working your way towards more intense automation concepts like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What if you need faster results?


Well there are always advisors out there that you can hire to immediately boost the credibility of your firm when it comes to technology and automation.  I happen to be one of them so feel free to email me anytime to learn more.


PS. You can find the article that refers to the survey mentioned above here.

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