Bottleneck Buster

Day 4 – It’s Time to Press GO

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Focus on the longest step

  • Review the map you created, which step in that process is taking the most time?

  • For my firm (Philly Phanatics) it’s the process of getting bank statements by email and adding all the transactions into a spreadsheet.

  • This is where we’re going to focus.


  • Now that we know what takes the most time, we need to design a better solution to reduce the amount of time spent on this step.

  • Turns out that instead of receiving statements by email we can use cloud based accounting tools to pull transactions and statements in automatically.

  • If we configure that for each client, we can remove the spreadsheet from the process altogether. It’s going to save our team tons of time every week.
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Implement the new design

Redesign the process to remove a significant portion of the time from the process. When it’s tested and ready, implement it at your firm.

  • Cloud based accounting from QuickBooks or Xero

  • Integration tools such as Zapier and Integromat

  • Automation technology like UI Path and Automation Anywhere
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Next Steps

Tomorrow I’m going to walk you through how we’ll use these results to map out the steps towards building a better solution to eliminate this bottleneck.

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