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E37: Shiny Object Syndrome with Dan Hood

by Sean Boyce

Editor-in-chief at Accounting Today Dan Hood joins me to discuss how the industry is responding to changes in technology, the dangers of shiny object syndrome, and some of the exciting future trends for accounting.

Dan Hood served as a business editor for the New York Daily News, and as a production editor for The Wall Street Journal Europe before joining Accounting Today as a managing editor.
He is now the editor-in-chief at Accounting Today, a role he has held for over 10 years. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The role of technology in accounting and the areas it impacts.
  • How accountants work has changed over the years because of technology.
  • How the industry is responding to changes in technology.
  • Where firms are fitting technology into their decision-making process.
  • How to decide if a type of technology is right for your firm.
  • Exciting future trends for accounting.
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  • 02:27 – “Technology is one of the big, if not the biggest, driver of change in the accounting profession.”
  • 15:26 – “Avoid shiny objects, it’s not about what’s exciting, it’s about what works for us, what makes sense for us.”