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E92: Offshore and Outsourcing Solutions with Jessica Freiburg

by Sean Boyce

Managing Partner of Sassetti Jessica Freiburg joins me to discuss the challenges of balancing capacity with continued growth, how offshore and outsourcing solutions can help solve these challenges and the areas within accounting that we should automate.

Jessica Freiburg has been with Sassetti for almost 20 years and became Managing Partner in 2021, where she provides strategic direction to the firm while overseeing daily operations, developing their employees, and working with clients across various service lines. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The challenges of balancing capacity with continued growth.
  • Different growth strategies.
  • Using offshore and outsourcing solutions to solve growth challenges.
  • The benefits of outsourcing data entry work.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of different growth strategies.
  • Areas within accounting that can be automated.
  • The amount of time you can free up with automation.
  • How we can shift from monotonous to engaging work.
  • Why it’s important to reassess your client base and how to do it.
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  • 12:04 – “It’s all about pushing down work, delegating, and leveraging people you have on your team.”
  • 18:59 – “Take a look at the offshore outsourcing solutions, I really think there’s a lot of opportunity.”