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E140: How the Scarcity of Accountants Will Affect the Future of Accounting with Realize’s Jason Staats

by Sean Boyce

CPA firm owner Jason Staats joins me to discuss the common challenges accounting firms have when adopting new tech, how modern accounting firms are changing the way we do things and the future of productized services.

Jason Statts is a CPA firm owner and the creator, manager and owner of the online accountant community Realize. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • Common challenges accounting firms have when adopting new tech.
  • How personal-based productivity differs from software-based productivity.
  • How modern accounting firms are changing the way we do things.
  • Ways technology is widening the gap of productivity.
  • How to know which software will work the best for your accounting firm.
  • What will happen to firms that are resistant to industry change.
  • The future of productized solutions.
  • Where the biggest opportunities for accounting firms are.
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  • 12:25 – “As accounting firms become a little more like technolo0gy companies and were leveraging stuff that scales that gap between the output of a person is getting bigger and bigger, so the scale of the impact that you can have and what you can do, I think that spectrum has never been larger.”
  • 23:30 – “I think productized stuff will explode, not because productized stuff is great and it’s a better experience than something else but because there’s not going to be another option.”
  • 26:54 – “Greatest specificity I think for most people is the biggest opportunity and having the courage to close the door to a whole bunch of stuff they’re doing right now trusting that on the other side of that door there’s going to be a whole bunch more opportunity that they just can’t see yet.”