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E55: Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle While Scaling Your Business Up with Future Firm’s Ryan Lazanis

by Sean Boyce

I’m joined by the founder of Future Firm to discuss how to enable a healthy lifestyle, valuing your time while increasing your leverage, and being able to do more with less.

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Ryan Lazanis is the founder of Future Firm where they provide coaching & education to help systematize and scale your firm and provide actionable advice that helps improve your firm when it comes to technology, marketing & practice management. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss in this episode
  • Ryan’s motivation to start Future Firm after successfully building and selling a modern accounting practice
  • What transformation looks like for the firms and accountants he works with.
  • Why your firm needs a strategic plan when it comes to resources and technology.
  • The power of productizing your services and how to get started
Connecting with Ryan Lazanis:
Connecting with the host:
  • 13:55 – “There has to be some kind of reason, like it has to be part of your strategy or strategic plan or some kind of goals that you have in mind first for what you wanna smooth out before you actually start, you know, shopping for that software.”
  • 20:05 – “You have to be able to be in a position to reject certain types of clients and you should be rejecting the clients that don’t fit within your sweet spot. Like if you want an automated, streamlined efficient firm, then there’s these other decisions you have to make along the way as well.”