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E75: Automation Technology with Nividous’ Chris Hawn

by Sean Boyce

Managing Director of Nividous Software Solutions Chris Hawn joins me to discuss their automation software that helps organizations automate repetitive tasks freeing up their staff to focus on more critical, mission-focused tasks.

Chris Hawn is the Managing Director for Nividous Software Solutions where he focuses on building out new markets for Nividous’ revolutionary Hyper-automation platform in North America.
Prior to working at Nividous, Chris helped to build and scale multiple emerging technology companies, and has a background in Asset Management where he has raised over a billion dollars in capital for various funds and alternative investments. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Accounting Automation:
  • The ways Nividous helps companies automate repetitive tasks.
  • The extent technology can complete repetitive tasks.
  • Different areas bots can replace human workers in.
  • How bots can help humans focus on more critical work.
  • Why people are hesitant to embrace automation.
  • How automation technology will help transform some industries.
  • How to leverage new technologies in your firm.
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  • 2:18 – “What we focus on is helping companies identify repetitive and mundane tasks that are holding back their employees from focusing on more mission critical work, more critical thinning type of tasks. What we’re able to do is train a software bot that we built to execute those processes in a fraction of the time it takes an employee.”
  • 20:58 – “Ninety percent of enterprise organizations globally are going to adopt this technology by the end of this year, and that number’s going to triple by 2024. This is a 25.9 billion dollar industry by 2027.”